Angie Megibben came to yoga as a last resort, after experiencing lower back and neck pain for a number of years. Traditional medicine did very little to alleviate the symptoms and virtually no suggestions were offered as to how to “make it feel better.” It did not take her long to find some relief through the poses practiced in Yoga class. She discovered how essential the breath is and how instrumental it is in staying calm, staying focused, staying present in the NOW.

Angie was raised in a family of athletes, went on to get her M.Ed., then Yoga certified through Jimmy Barkan Hot Yoga in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Drawing on a lifetime of experience with movement and education, she now teaches Yoga to all ages in Louisville, KY as a way to improve your life. Because of her own medical issues, Angie knows how much Yoga can offer the human body and as a teacher she hopes to show others how to alleviate pain, stress, illness, and anything else to help the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Her classes focus on core strength and alignment, not only because it relieves many aches and pains up and down the spine, but also because it is essential to balance, which is vital, especially as we age! Angie focuses on more than just the physical body, incorporating meditation, relaxation, and readings into her classes to bring peace to the mind.

To Angie, Yoga is medicine…”This is why I became a teacher of yoga – to share that experience with others. Yoga is my passion. It is why I believe I am here on this earth!” -Angie Megibben

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