“I have severe osteoarthritis, so in order not to become sedentary, I have to keep moving.  Yoga is one way to increase my flexibility.  Besides working all the muscle groups, it helps the joints.  It also gives me a sense of overall well-being.

Angie thoroughly explains the poses and modifies them for each individual if necessary.  After leaving her class, I feel all the tension in my body has been released.” 

Carole K.
Yoga Student

“Yoga has had such a positive impact on my life physically and spiritually.  When I first became interested in yoga, Angie was one of the first teachers I was introduced to & I just knew deep down this was right for me after a few classes with her.  To this day (5 years later), she is the best instructor I’ve ever been exposed to!  The changes that have occurred to my body are too many to list, so I’ll just say that my ability to bend over and touch my toes is no longer a struggle.  It’s a pose I look forward to for many reasons.  Angie is so good at explaining how everything is tied together in the body and how each pose will impact your body in a positive way.  Most important, she is a great instructor on how you make the pose to what your body can do and not to (worry about competing) with others in the class.  I’m so thankful for Angie & look forward to our next class!”

Dianna V.
Yoga Student

“When I signed up for yoga…I was at the end of my rope.  My mother’s death, the end of my marriage, the loss of my job, physical and financial problems.  I had often thought of suicide during those times.  Yoga saved my life and (Angie was) a big part of that.  It gave me the chance to rest my mind and help my body.  It helped me to come out of my depression.  Along with yoga, I decided to help others.  This in turn helped me.  I believe yoga is much better than a therapist and much cheaper.”

Mike D.
Yoga Student

“Working with Angie has helped very much with my success as a football player. The yoga improves my core strength and flexibility a lot. Two of the most important aspects of being an athlete. The most advantageous aspect of working with Angie is that she designs each class to meet your needs as a player. I would recommend doing yoga to any young athlete.”

Clay S.
Football Player, Yoga Student

“…(Angie) has instructed our football team for the past two years in the art of yoga…Her instruction has helped tremendously in the area of injury prevention, flexibility, and breathing and relaxation techniques…Her knowledge and approach commanded (the player’s) attention and impressed them to the point that they saw immediately that her instruction would be another asset to their preparation…For the past 2 seasons, we have had very few pulled muscles and lower back problems.  Throughout my twenty-nine year career, groin and hamstring injuries have been problematic but not since we instituted this program…It has also helped in the area of relaxation and restoration between plays during a game.  The players have learned how to focus and relax when tired and excited.  On many occasions last season, a player could be heard telling one of his teammates to relax and use his yoga breathing!  Her techniques are very beneficial and well received by our team.”

Mike Glaser
Head Football Coach
St. Xavier High School

“Some of the benefits I’m receiving from yoga with Angie are greater flexibility, strength, and relaxation.  She’s really been one of the best teachers I’ve had, just gently guiding me to that place of relaxation and greater strength for my body.”

Kimberly May
Yoga Student

“Angie holds a very informative class and she can give you the modifying positons for the poses whenever they’re needed for your capabilities.  She’s always very positive and always giving me a few of the poses I could work on; never letting me think that I couldn’t get my strength back.  The confidence that she instills with her clients and the positive reinforcement that she’s given me and everybody in the class makes her nothing less than an inspiration.”

Julie K.
Yoga Student

“I realized my balance and core strength was poor and thought yoga could help strengthen my neck and back.  I started yoga at Light Works Yoga with Angie and the yoga sessions have been very helpful in my well-being.  I look forward to the hour of yoga with Angie.”

Liz B.
Yoga Student